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All plans include unlimited data, and don’t have any contract.

We also have fibre internet, available in select buildings.

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Other Costs – Not So Fine Print

You must either bring your own router/modem or purchase one from us.

See more details in the FAQ section.

Our Promise

No tiered pricing: the price you see is the price you pay, no special tiers for new customers or existing customers. No increases after year 1 or year 2 or year 3.

No term contracts: cancel anytime you want (with 30 days notice). You should want to stay with us because we provide exceptional service, not because you have to.

Why Us

Need more reasons to choose us?

Cutting-edge Security

Security should always be a priority, that is why we include it as a standard feature. You don’t have to pay extra for it, or even request it (you can opt-out if you like). We protect at the network level against exploits, malware, malicious websites, botnets, ransomware and unknown attacks.

Stay protected on our network.

Super Fast

We own and operate 100% of our network, so we can optimize it to be the fastest and most reliable possible.

We don’t cut corners, all our infrastructure is designed in-house from the ground up, we don’t outsource support, installations, or anything else.

Hands On Support

You shouldn’t have to wait on hold or be escalated in circles just to follow some
instructions over the phone. We believe in hands on support where we do the work, not you.

You can even text us!
Go ahead, say hello: 778-724-1616


We don’t log or track what you are doing or what websites you visit.

We will not sell your information or browsing habits (since we don’t track it, we can’t)

We do not censor, block or slow down any content (Net neutrality)

Technical Details & FAQ’s

Some technical details for the tech savvy folks, along with general info and FAQ’s.

Data Transfer

As outlined above, all plans have the option of unlimited data transfer with no caps or limits. This is included in the price of all plans. Subject to our residential acceptable use policy.

Router & Modem

For residential connections we currently support two options for routers and modems:

  • Bring your own router and/or modem (we can provide a list of compatible modems)
  • Purchase the router and/or modem from us

Any hardware you bring (modem/router), we can only provide limited support on. Any hardware purchased from us we will fully support.

Router Options we can supply:

  • eero 6 – $130.00 one-time purchase (retail price $179)

Modem Options we can supply:

  • Hitron CODA-45 – $130.00 one-time purchase (retail price $179)

Connection Media

Depending on your location we may use Cable or DSL to connect to you.

Setup Fee

Plans are subject to a one-time setup fee pf $80.


No term contracts: cancel anytime you want (with 30 days notice). You should want to stay with us because we provide exception service, not because you have to.

Install Time

Installation timeline will usually take between 5-7 business days from the time you sign up. Depending on your address a technician visit may be required to complete the installation.

We cannot guarantee an install date.

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ROUTER/MODEM OPTION* - More info on FAQ section

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