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Our Awesome Features

There are countless reasons why our service is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different. Hover over or click the boxes below to learn more.

Unlimited Data Transfer

Download or Upload as much as you want!

Unlimited Data Transfer

Transfer as much data as you want! Period. No strings attached.

On all plans except the 1 Gbps plan which includes 33 TB.

Symmetric Speeds

Upload at the same speed you can download at.

Symmetric Speeds

With more and more data residing in the cloud it is more important than ever to be able to send and receive data and the same super high speeds.

Future ready network

Dual Stack IPv4 & IPv6 network

Dual Stack Native

Our network is IPv4 and native IPv6 capable. All plans include dedicated static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Enterprise Grade Network Security

Stay protected on our network.

Enterprise Grade Network Security

Security should always be a priority, that is whey we include it as a standard feature in all our offerings. Stay protected on our network.

Always Online

Stay connected 100% of the time.

Always Online

Achieve 100% uptime with optional LTE backup or add our 10 Mbps plan to your existing connection to keep your critical systems online such as your POS.

IT Solutions

Here to help with all your IT needs.

IT Solutions

With our broad portfolio of service offerings including hardware/software, cloud solutions, structured cabling and more; we can help you with just about anything!

Business Essentials

Bundle other essentials and save!

Business Essentials

Bundle together some of our other solutions and save!

  • Business Email (Exchange)
  • Phone & Fax
  • Website Hosting

WiFi Access Point

Includes a dedicated WiFI AP!

WiFi Access Point

We include a dedicated WiFi access point to provide secure WiFi for your company and free pubic WiFi for your customers.

Email Accounts

Includes a free email account.

Email Accounts

Includes a free business email account using your own custom domain (

Simple Plans

Just choose your speed, all features included.

Below pricing applies to our on-net locations only. Certain low-density or single business locations may also have slightly different pricing.

10 Mbps

starting at



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25 Mbps

starting at



first 30 days free!

50 Mbps

starting at



first 30 days free!

100 Mbps

starting at



first 30 days free!

1 Gbps

starting at



first 30 days free!

Dedicated Wavelengths & Dark Fibre

Why Us

Need more reasons to choose us?

Cutting-edge Security

Security should always be a priority, that is why we include it as a standard feature. You don’t have to pay extra for it, or even request it (you can opt-out if you like). We protect at the network level against exploits, malware, malicious websites, botnets, ransomware and unknown attacks.

Stay protected on our network.

Super Fast

We own and operate 100% of our network, so we can optimize it to be the fastest and most reliable possible.

We don’t cut corners, all our infrastructure is designed in-house from the ground up, we don’t outsource support, installations, or anything else.

Hands On Support

You shouldn’t have to wait on hold or be escalated in circles just to follow some
instructions over the phone. We believe in hands on support where we do the work, not you.

You can even text us!
Go ahead, say hello: 778-724-1616


We don’t log or track what you are doing or what websites you visit.

We will not sell your information or browsing habits (since we don’t track it, we can’t)

We do not censor, block or slow down any content (Net neutrality)

Questions? Want to talk to a human?

Technical Details & FAQ’s

Some technical details for the tech savvy folks, along with general info and FAQ’s.

Public IP Addresses

We can provide at no extra cost both IPv4 and IPv6 publicly assignable static IP addresses. However the way we route it may depend on your requirements, outlined below are methods in which we may route IPv4 addresses:

  • CNAT: In order to preserve the limited number of IPv4 addresses that remain globally, we will provision by default a dynamically assigned address from the RFC 6598 block of You will be assigned a range of dedicated ports to use for any inbound services that require access. This is our default method, as for most customers do not require any complex routing requirements.
  • Direct Layer 2: If you required that the public IPv4 address be configured directly on your own equipment. Additional charges may apply.

Data Transfer

As outlined above, all plans have the option of unlimited data transfer with no caps or limits. This is included at the starting price of all plans except the 1 Gbps plan; it includes 100 Mbps (~33 TB/mo).


If connectiviy to your premise requires using active components they will be backed by dual redundant AC and DC power via a UPS.


To support various deployment scenarios, we support different hardware options:

  • (included) managed hosted firewall
  • layer 1 copper or fibre hand off
  • CPE router/firewall (Tech Futures provided, not included in base plan price)
  • CPE router/firewall (Customer provided)

The included AP is a managed device, by default it will include 2 networks:

  • Public (CloudSingularity Open) – our secure public WiFi network
  • Private – name and password of your choice

The AP is included on all plans except the 10 Mbps plan.

Connection Media

Depending on your service area, we may provide back haul to your building over different mediums, including fibre, copper and fixed wireless.

Physical hand off may be copper or fibre.

Is this the same as a dedicated circuit?

Our base 5 plans above are not considered dedicated fibre wave’s as it may traverse our layer 2/3 network and be shared among multiple customers within the same building. For customers requiring higher performance dedicated fibre we do offer dedicated fibre circuits and dark fibre, please contact us for more information.

Service Area

We currently provide our HyperSpeed service delivered over fibre, copper or fixed wireless to areas within the Metro Vancouver area. If you are outside this area we can still provide you service over traditional DSL or Cable in BC and Alberta. We can also provide our Managed Private Network, called CloudSingularity Connect over your existing ISP, almost anywhere in the world.

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