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October 2019

Post-mortem on YVR1 power incidents

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We would like to share some details on the power outage incident that occurred on October 2nd and October 7th, and what we are doing to prevent this from happening in the future.

What happened

On October 2nd, our Burnaby Datacentre (YVR1) lost our primary power at 9:40 AM PDT. There was a grid power outage, that lasted approximately 10 seconds that occurred at this time. Our primary UPS, failed to transfer the datacentre load to itself, and instead faulted and turned off the load power completely.  Power was fully restored at 11:09 AM PDT by our on-site technician by manually instructing the UPS to turn back on the load power. Remaining services and customer servers were sequentially restored, and we had technicians on-site for the remainder of the day restoring any remaining services.
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