Over the next few days we will be launching a brand new remote support tool. This new platform is powered by Bomgar, the #1 in Enterprise Remote Support in the industry.

We believe in using the best no matter what size organization we are supporting, This new platform will allow us to provide a more streamlined and efficient remote support experience.

Check out some of the new features below:


Of course one of the most important aspects is security. Our new platform has a myriad of security features and functionalities. Such as escorted access, per application access, session recordings, audit trails and remote access without opening any ports!

File Transfer

Transfer files between remote computers, tablets or smartphones during remote support sessions. We can send files directly to you instead of having you to find and download them.

Mobile Devices

Multiple platform mobile device remote support, including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. We can see what you see, instead of having to explain everything.

Live chat

A built in chat client let’s you communicate with us while in a support session.


Annotations let us virtually mark up and highlight your screen.

Support Button

A simple shortcut can be placed on your computer or mobile device that will open a support session at a click of the “button”.

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